Cursa (could be called as Cursaku), is a romantic ship between CTK (Cursed timekid that was made by perfectshadow06 on Tumblr and DA) and Sakura's little sister (known as Saku)

How it started?

It all started on Discord as a Joke, Saku was on Quantumtale's official Discord server with her friend, until the maker of Quantumtale; perfectshadow06 came and talked with them, everything was nice and going smooth until the whole chat was slammed with pictures of (Hawt) CTK. Saku was squealing so much until the end, as the whole chat ended... Saku couldn't stop thinking about him, it all started at love at first sight until slowly and slowly she had fallen, head over heels all over for him, until now she was still shipped heavily by her friends...

Cursa Shippers Fanbase

The most known fanbase of the Cursa Shippers is at the Quantumtale Discord Server, it's currently spreading to different and other more social media (Tumblr, Wikis, ETC.)


The Cursa shippings have TON OF FANARTS OF THEM....

...So probably get ready to see this part of the page...


  • Everytime you show Saku a pic of CTK it's an instant fangirling
  • Never dare to say a mean thing to CTK, or else XDDD
  • Saku is an overacting fangirl, when she just see a CTK pic she instantly saves it (if her phone still has WiFi and SHED)
  • That's all of the trivia.... For now.... ;)