Derpax (or dubbed Maxgan by Megan's friend Stephanie) is a ship between Users Max041 and DerpyBlueberrySans.

/*ahem*/ This ship started quite a while back, when people shipped it just for fun. Back then, both Max and Megan adamantly denied the ship and claimed to be just friends (which Megan hated, because she had a crush on him). Skip forward in time some; some things happened and, as it's been told Max developed a crush as well. Then, maybe a few weeks after that they got together, and now Kk can stop pestering them about it. They both agree, despite being literally 1,000 miles apart the relationship so far has been better than previous relationships on both ends.

Also, for no real reason they're coming up with random shipnames. They include:






Because why the hell not? XD

On September 18th, 2017, Megan proposed to Max for the first time at 10:18 PM. Maxwell said yes. Now they're engaggeedd~

Also I made this and am gonna put it here because I can:

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