IRL Derpca is basically Derpca, but with the people BEHIND the users DerpyBlueberrySans and Lucariotheskeleton, those being Megan and Gabriel respectively.

Origin Story

This all started with Luca, on his third day of being on the Wiki, confessed in a game of truth or dare he had feelings for another user, by the name of BoomBuxxer. Then Derpy PMd him, telling him that she had feelings for him. (Luca, not Boom) Luca and Derpy had a very emotional talk, but eventually, Luca decided to give her a chance. And that's what started undoubtedly, one of the best times of his life. First, they were secretive but eventually, they decided just to be sweet out in the open as well. During this span of time they would help one another through drama, AU making, OC making, and Luca would even figure out that she was his Senpai. Most recently, they have been considered, by nearly all the Wiki, as the true UTAU Wiki OTP.


So basically, the relationship consists of Luca being the submissive Femboy, and Derpy being the emo and rather overbearing Senpai. The two get on well, and enjoy spending time together.


  • They have a surprising amount of simmiler interests. This includes, their favorite kids show (Fetch! With Ruff Ruff Men) First video game (New Super Mario Bros DS) Favorite school subject (Art)
  • There is a larger than average age gap between these two. 14 and 17. But fortunately, Megan is into guys a bit younger than her.
  • Their, relationship gender roles, are actually reversed. Gabriel is the meek and shy one, while Megan is regularly threatening to beat people up and acting masculine.
  • Megan gets easily flustered by Gabriel's voice~