Lust!Kkone is A Underlust version Of Kkone.


Lust!Kk is a Submissive person basically, he will do any of bones commands,etc etc.


Lust!KK always wears, A Black and pink Hoodie, Yellow Slippers, And Black Shorts. His eye colour is also Dark Blue, and his bad time eye is; Pink, Cyan, Purple and green

Bone apetit

Lust!Bone, just like in Fell!Kkone, she treat Kk like a pet, they don't torture, nor snapping a collar on his neck. She still murder people like a yandere, but in a wrong way. She is sometimes a tsundere over Kk (Only happens when Kk is being wrong infront of her.) She is also very kinky over kk.


Her pupils are replaced by Hearts, they change into purple to pink then to purple when they blink. She wear a Pink striped Purple sweater the sleeves are dark pink. She wears blue jeans and she wears pink slippers.