Even though Suizuki & LuxrayBlast are friends, Mizuki has noticed Suizuki finding their one & only Pokemon Trainer, LuxrayBlast, as being her one true love. I, LuxrayBlast, have noticed Suizuki acting strange when I talk to her such as Blushing & asking me strange questions like "What are your favorite Pizza toppings?" But, DeepFreeze has noticed me blush when we talk, he asks me if I have feelings for Suizuki. Even though Pokemon & Trainer aren't supposed to fall in love, Suizuki has told me countless times she has strong feelings for her trainer, but, she thinks it's wrong she wants a mate because we can't have biological children, since she doesn't possess the egg cells for us to have a child. I don't think she's wrong about us falling for each other, but, if we mate, I'll have to do everything in my power to take care of her & my team without our love getting in the way. A few days ago, LuxrayBlast & Suizuki went to watch the sunset, then she tricked him into a nose boop to make me blush, the sly Vaporeon also blushed, but, since she planned it, not as much. Afterwards, it was true they were meant for each other over LuxrayBlast being alone forever. LuxrayBlast & Suizuki kiss each other often because they are wed & really love each other.

Since Suizuki can't reproduce, the two have a Love Child who, while adopted, inherited their traits like fur that matches both of their colors. Although, their Love Child comes from a timeline where Suizuki was able to reproduce, but, his parents died before he was 2 years old. He discovered the timeline where his mother couldn't reproduce, so he was born to me & Suizuki, but, from an alternate timeline where Suizuki could reproduce. Matthew is the son of LuxrayBlast & Suizuki, even having their fur passed down with LuxrayBlast's blue hind legs & Suizuki's Purple hair.

Our Love Story


LuxrayBlast is the Husband with a job, but, when he has a Day off, he will let his family care for him, while Suizuki is the wife, she loves her husband and children deeply. Suizuki stays at home happily watching over Tinsle, Kaleidoscope and Matthew until her Luxxibaby comes home and if his Diaper is wet, stinky or both, she'll change his Diaper and prepare him for his bottle of chocolate milk.


Luxrayblast koritsu 2017 ref by luxrayblast-dba3q8o
Luxrayblast c by inkyroo-dbbjsu3


Art of first date and nose nuzzle by Starry-the-Jolteon. Baby Art of LuxrayBlast by inkyroo. Normal Art of LuxrayBlast by PaddedVeePaws.

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