This is LuxrayBlast and Suizuki's son who is Blood Related, but, Adopted to us. He's a fan of Diapers, though only Normal Type Diapers. The Reason he's both Adopted and Blood Related, is that he was born to LuxrayBlast and Suizuki in a timeline where Suizuki could reproduce, but, we died before his 2nd Birthday. So he came to our timeline where Suizuki can't reproduce. He was a little sad to see his family didn't know him, but, he was still adopted as our true blood child so he didn't have to go to an orphanage for Eevees. Luckily, his hair and back legs were proof that he inherited something from both me and Suizuki. He's a year old. He is named after Suizuki's Brother in Paw, Matthew Kageyuki. He's also our Love Child in a way.

Character- LuxrayBlast & PaddedVeePaws

Pokemon- Nintendo

Art by CrystaltheGlaceon2

Padded Art by LuxrayBlast

Birth Relation to LuxrayBlast & Suizuki- In the world Matthew was born in, he inherited Suizuki's Purple hair, love for chocolate & Affection for his family. As for inheritance from LuxrayBlast, he got LuxrayBlast's blue hind legs, big heart, autism, offering help, pacifist ways, playfulness & love for gaming. He also knows his Dad has a love for diapers, but, only lets his Pokemon know.

Adoption- After losing his real parents from his world, Matt met a Celebi who offered to bring him to his parents who are alive in another world (our world) & he can still be supported by Mommy & Daddy.

Love Child- Due to Suizuki not being able to reproduce in this world, Matt was born in an alternate world where another version Suizuki could reproduce, but, he lost his parents due to their incurable illnesses. What their illnesses were in that world are unknown to him, nor would he remember at his age.