This ship came when Tinsle used her cuteness to make Bone faint on the UTAU Wiki.

Tinsle is the kawaii Jolteon Baby with her Diapers, Pacifier, Flower & Ribbon, but, she's as cute as she is deadly. Bone is best friends with Baby Tinsle the Jolteon.

Tinsle's art by AnySketches.

Bons' art by Who else, but, Bone Apetit.

Why a Joke Ship

Tinsy Apetit is made as a joke ship for two reasons.

  • Tinsle is already in a main relationship with Messy, being the wife who loves to stay home & play with Princess Pearl during the day when she has a good schedule to see if Princess Pearl is available.
  • Bone is already in a canon relationship with Matie kkcantgetright7 with their own love child, Sunny the skeleton.


The name "Tinsy Apetit" is a Triple pun on Tinsle's name, Bone Apetit & Tiny Appetite.