Lucariotheskeleton is the creator of the UTAU Wiki Shipping Wiki and is also the king of shipping. Here are a few things you will have to know when shipping Lucario.


Luca is joyfull, excitable, easily flusterd, somewhat flirty and kawaii~

Shipping Preferences


Luca does not mind who he is shipped with, (unless if it makes Derpy mad.;w;) He also dosent mind being shipped with characters.

Sexual Preference

Luca is a sub/dominant, proud bisexual~ ;P

Type Of Relationship

Luca loves cute relationships, but love the mix of a cute lil kawaii kohai, and a cold dark serious Senpai~ X3

Shipping Dislikes


Just people that Derpy dosent like. XD

Sexual Preference

Again, bisexual so gender dosent matter~ And I like bein a sub more than dominant. XD

Type Of Relationship

I don't like mean or distant relationships. ;-;

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