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  • Bone Apetit


    July 17, 2017 by Bone Apetit

    Welp. All OTPs are dying. ( Trashly is still alive.)

    Kkone is also dying, I Guess it's being replaced by Lukka, that is why its deleted. And Kkone's replacement should be a joke ship, so it make sense for it to be replaced.

    Here is the remaining OTPS:




    I guess Trashly is still alive? Or nope?

    Anyways, k-keep the ships page that are dead, because we wanna know what happened. If you don't keep them, we will be curious af, and be like "what happened? Why its deleted?"

    I am just gonna put this to put what happened to kkone:

    I got friendzoned.

    The end of the story.

    And kk...

    you broke my heart. because your not interested on me, but Gabriel for now. I was about to confess my love, but then. You ruined it. That's why i am not being nice…

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  • Bone Apetit


    No one to talk about whats underneath my persona's mask.

    I always draw my persona with a mask.

    So uh.

    If your curious.


    Here goes nothing.


    Well, i need 5 kudos first. So uh, enjoy.

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  • Bone Apetit


    July 1, 2017 by Bone Apetit

    Say onomadek irl.

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  • Bone Apetit


    June 25, 2017 by Bone Apetit

    I put this here because the main takes too long to load, and i can't even edit!

    We made a new wiki called Otp wikia. Its where we put OTPs in this wiki, just like Kkone, Derpca, and Trashly.

    Dont put random ships there, since that place is for OTP ships. Just put random ships in this wiki.

    Just like Undertale AU wiki, its gonna be our Sister wiki :3

    (snickkers, kkoaster and other bad kk ships are banned from that wiki)

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  • Bone Apetit

    Just telling.

    June 16, 2017 by Bone Apetit

    I am gonna tell this to everyone, some of you already know it.

    Alright, i am gonna put this.

    OTP categories is up to people here to rate the ship, When everyone didn't ship it, but one person ship it, the person who ship it just add "(USERNAME) Approved". This is the fastest thing to do, instead of having more than one Otp category. And only one OTP page would be on the category, having more than one, please delete one. Now that you understand, if you still dont understand, here is the example:

    Snickkers don't have a otp page on their categories, the Bureaucrat (If Founder is inactive) tell the Fandom ( Or everyone who joined this wikia ) to say if they ship, and how much. ( Example: "I ship it, but not in the full level." It's OTP - 3. The r…

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