So im gonna be unoriginal and steal Trash's art requests idea. Cause why not! i like drawing, but i always sing and dance. If i am done doing the art, i will send it to you in comment.

Anyways, this is the way to throw my art block away. Cause of my SHEDtty imagination.

I can draw everything, but not this:

  • Some realistic drawings, because i am a ms paint artist, not a realistic one like others. I might be expert at drawing but ms paint is wayyy hard to use without layers and mistakes.
  • Some pokemons. I can draw pokemons, but not some of them, since they are way too hard to draw, i tried to draw them in paper and i give up because its way too hard, but i didn't give up, and try to finish it. But i am raging the whole time. Until i am finally done, I am crying of happiness because im done, Its very beautiful.
  • NSFW. I like underlust, and i allow it. But i don't want NSFW underlust, i only accept kisses, ships, or anything that came from underlust. I don't accept Undertail. Cause thats disgusting.

Anyways... uh, good luck.

To try not to overwork, my maximum is 6 drawings at a time. Sorry if your impatient.

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