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    I wonder.

    July 9, 2017 by DerpyBlueberrySans

    There are days I think to myself, "Why didn't I end my suffering when I had the chance? Why am I still here?".

    The thing is, I have a lot of people and events in my past and present to blame for me being the way I am, one of the biggest being myself. And I wonder why I haven't learned my lessons...y'know, the like. After all, everyone else just abandons me or doesn't pay attention to me, so SOMEONE has to teach me

    So I think tonight I'll just teach myself. We'll see how it ends, whether in death or just more basic pain and suffering. Maybe a bit of both.

    The rest of you can leave me alone now. I have nothing further to say to you...thank you for nothing, I guess.

    Max, I'm sorry. I know you hate when I do this kinda thing, but...this is long ov…

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