Alrighty, where to start.

First of all, I am Max. Doubt some of you would believe it, but someone thought it was a smart idea to take my account. And I'd be happy to prove I'm Max.

No, I'm not any fucking Kk once so ever. This account was made for a back up in the case of a situation that lost my account and for a different cause.

I'm not in a hospital, I'm in my dorm, just alright. However, I won't say the same for the people who thought it was funny to pull some horrible, sick prank of a suicide.

For those who know me(Derpy, Luca, Kk, etc.), they know I wouldn't take my life over whatever reason they gave. I am still logically minded, even if my Maniophobia was to kick in. Plus, I have a backup for handling it. Mainly chewing on ice, since that really helps.

Currently I'm looking into who would be the fucking genius to try and take my account, and play a sick prank like this. Also, I don't know this situation to the best of my ability, so if anyone could fill me in that would be appreciated.

Again, I'm not hurt, I'm not in a situation other than this account-stealing shit. I want to assure you all that were worried/hurt by whatever these scumbags said that I am OKAY. But for those who decided to pull it....I wouldn't say they'd be alright in the end.

And if those scumbags read this, let me tell you something: 

You have no idea what you just fucking started. I don't care how close you are to me, or how distant. I don't care if you like me or not, and I don't give a fuck. I can honestly care. I care about all of my friends, family, and people in my life. But one of the things I no longer care about...


So come at me. Hit me with your best fucking shot. I. Dare. You.

Your Coming Nightmare, 




Go on. Try. Me.

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