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    Ohhh... boi. THIS is gunna be fun to explain.. XD okay so where do I start.. you guys probably saw Luca's new desgin (btw its actually canon) And its.. well, it has fucking boobs what else can ya say. XD But I actually did this for a reason. For about a year now, i've been fighting a battle with myself about my sexuality and my gender. (Everyone: *sigh* The internet dosent need another comming out blog. XD) as you guys already know, im a proud bisexual, BUT I have always identified as male, and I felt like a male too so it all worked out. I was wrong. -w-" I felt like.. "No no no, that cant be it I feel.. something more" I dident feel like a women alot, but I also dident feel like a boy alot it was like amix of the two... Then me and Megan…

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  • Lucariotheskeleton

    Hoi all~ Sorry i've been gone so much... >~< But dont worry, im planning to make it up to you all with |DATA EXPUNGED| X3 But really, im sure you all will love it~! If you guys want anything, be it art, favors, stories, or anything, please leave a comment telling me~! X333 Love all~! - Luca

    OKIE~! Is finnaly done with my first present to all of you~ >3< Its a "Which UTAU OC are you?" Quiz~ Heres the link~! >3< if you- WIP

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  • Lucariotheskeleton

    WHY. THE. FUNK.NOT. XD This is like the huge face reveal craze I swear, XD ANYHOW: Everyones doing e art requests and I really wana start drawing non-trace overs agains so why not~ ;P But warnin: I AM SHEET AT DRAWING XD At least Derpy dont think so cause she saw one of meh non-traces. -w-" Anyhow, imma make a list of things I will, and wont draw in an hour or two, but still feel free to request somthing before I get the list on here. XD

    • Undertale, Undertale AUs, Undertale OCs
    • Amalgamates (Non-Undertale included)
    • Bendy and the Ink Machine
    • Pokemon
    • Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Kirby, (pretty much anything Nintendo)
    • Hello Neighbor
    • Tattletail
    • Plants Vs Zombies
    • Portal
    • OCs
    • NSFW (XD Nothin 100% sexual tho XD But im okay with suggestive. -W- XDD)
    • ===Will Be …

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    May 4, 2017 by Lucariotheskeleton

    Hey all~! Im just making this blog so I can edit and tell you all whats goin on in le own life~ XP As you may have heard my Dad and Step-Mom are splitting up after SEVEN YEARS of being together. TwT So kinda bummed about that, and I now live in my Grandma;s house, still unpacking le stuff, and we're getting new internet tomorrow, so im hoping it dosent funk my computer up.. >~< And, as usual, I have a REALLY old Dell laptop, so dont expect me to be able to do stuff fast or esiliy.. >~< Ad its gettin close to the end of my school year, and my Dad says that if I dont have good grades and go through my graduation ceremony, I wont be online for the WHOLE SUMMER. Again, if that happens, wait about two to three days for me, and if I dont show, D…

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  • Lucariotheskeleton

    One Day, there was a young women named Ligia. She used to work at Joey Drew studios, a cartoon studio owend by Sillyvideos. Ligia was on her couch, as per usual, watching mindless TV, just some Fazbear and Friends, and thoes constant Talking Tattletail commercials. Anyhow, she heard a knock on her door. "Hm?" She walked over to her door. It was a letter, sitting on the ground. "Uhhh... :T" she bent down and picked it up. "Dear Ligia", the letter read. "It seemed like a lifetime since we worked on cartoons together. 30 years really slips away doset it? If your back in town,come viset the old workshop. Thoes two really wana see you again~ Plus... I have somthing I would like to show you. Your best pal: Jamie Drew.". "Wow..." Said Ligia. "He'…

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