One Day, there was a young women named Ligia. She used to work at Joey Drew studios, a cartoon studio owend by Sillyvideos. Ligia was on her couch, as per usual, watching mindless TV, just some Fazbear and Friends, and thoes constant Talking Tattletail commercials. Anyhow, she heard a knock on her door. "Hm?" She walked over to her door. It was a letter, sitting on the ground. "Uhhh... :T" she bent down and picked it up. "Dear Ligia", the letter read. "It seemed like a lifetime since we worked on cartoons together. 30 years really slips away doset it? If your back in town,come viset the old workshop. Thoes two really wana see you again~ Plus... I have somthing I would like to show you. Your best pal: Jamie Drew.". "Wow..." Said Ligia. "He's still workin on thoes tings?". "Well.... I suppose it wouldent hurt...". *she grabed her jacket of the rack, and walked out the door. She soon was in her car, driving across town to Jammie Drew studios. When she got there, she stopped the car, a notalgic sigh escaping her. She looked up a the buildings front sign, it read: "Jammie Drew Studios." On the sign, was a cartoony picture of the buildings two main cartoon characters. Luca and Blue. They were the stars of the childrens cartoon, "Dancing Demon and Friends". Unlike other cartoons however, tis studio's had somthing special. They were real. They were real, living, breathing, entitys made by what Jammie called "The Ink Machine". "Hey you two..." Ligia said with a happy sigh. "Long tme no see,huh?". She walked into the building. The building now looked abandoned, with the walls having hge holes in them,the lighting being of poor state, and ink seeping through every crack. "Damn Jammie... what happend to this place....?" WIP~ HOPE YOU GUYS LIKEY~! X3

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