Hey all~! Im just making this blog so I can edit and tell you all whats goin on in le own life~ XP As you may have heard my Dad and Step-Mom are splitting up after SEVEN YEARS of being together. TwT So kinda bummed about that, and I now live in my Grandma;s house, still unpacking le stuff, and we're getting new internet tomorrow, so im hoping it dosent funk my computer up.. >~< And, as usual, I have a REALLY old Dell laptop, so dont expect me to be able to do stuff fast or esiliy.. >~< Ad its gettin close to the end of my school year, and my Dad says that if I dont have good grades and go through my graduation ceremony, I wont be online for the WHOLE SUMMER. Again, if that happens, wait about two to three days for me, and if I dont show, Derpy will manage the wiki, FATM, And everything else Im normally in charge of. I gave her my password, so she'll use my account for all of that~ Anyhow, yeah, thats whats happinin in Luca's life~ I'll give you regular updates as I go~ Love all, - Lucario the Skeleton <3


Current Living Status: Grandma's House

Current Trouble Status: Not in any trouble

Current Grade Status: Good. (Now on summer vacation.)

Current Internet Status: Replaced with better running internet

Current Relationship Status: Recently left Derpy. (;-;) But is now in a relationship with Cinder~ X333

Current WIki Staus: Good

Current Friend Status: Good (mostly Wiki)

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