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    The Freeze household- Living Room

    Mizuki: Aunt Suizuki, just ask him out on a date.

    Suizuki: But, Mizuki, it doesn't seem right. I'm infatuated with our Trainer! Mizuki: It's ok, ask him on a Date. Suizuki: OK...

    Meanwhile in the Lab

    DeepFreeze: Tell her how you feel. It's ok, Master.

    LuxrayBlast: DeepFreeze, she's one of my Pokemon and I have strong feelings for her!

    DeepFreeze: Come on, try it.

    LuxrayBlast: OK...

    The Freeze household- Bedroom

    LuxrayBlast: Suizuki?

    Suizuki: Master!

    Both: I was looking for you. No, I was looking for you.

    Suizuki: Master? I was wondering if you want to go on a date with me.

    LuxrayBlast: Sure.

    Suizuki: Really?

    LuxrayBlast: Yup.

    Suizuki: OK! Let's go!

    Blue Beach that evening at Sunset

    LuxrayBlast: That was so filling.


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  • LuxrayBlast

    I recently created my first Ship between me & my Vaporeon OC, Suizuki, which turned out that we were fated to get married. But, before I put anything about the Fandom's thoughts, I want to ask you all first, what your Thoughts are on the Ship known as Luzuki/ LuxrayZuki & if you ship it like FedEx or not. Please be 100% honest with me, I don't like dishonesty. But, in all seriousness, I want everyone's opinions on here. Say your thoughts first, then if you ship it like FedEx, here are key words:


    I ship it like FedEx



    Wow, cute. Uh, hi. -Soleil



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