I recently created my first Ship between me & my Vaporeon OC, Suizuki, which turned out that we were fated to get married. But, before I put anything about the Fandom's thoughts, I want to ask you all first, what your Thoughts are on the Ship known as Luzuki/ LuxrayZuki & if you ship it like FedEx or not. Please be 100% honest with me, I don't like dishonesty. But, in all seriousness, I want everyone's opinions on here. Say your thoughts first, then if you ship it like FedEx, here are key words:


I ship it like FedEx



Wow, cute. Uh, hi. -Soleil


Luxrayblast x suizuki commission by starry the jolteon-db6mre6

Art by Starry-the-Jolteon.

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